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Uplifting the shopping experience

UI UX design work for Tata’s super app, Tata Neu.

Tata Neu

Design in collaboration to create an integrated super app experience

UI UX design Prototype

UI design work for Tata CLiQ to heighten the shopping experience.

Tata CLiQ

UI design to create an aesthetic, seamless shopping experience

Graphic design

UI UX design work for Orra, to uplift the jewelry shopping experience.


Website redesign aimed at a smooth & simple check-out journey

UI UX design Prototype


Adding design to finance & tech

A case study brief about the transformational UI UX design of EarlySalary to Fibe.


Application redesign aimed at revamping brand identity

UI UX design Graphic design Performance marketing

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UI UX design work of ICICI Direct Money to create an accessible mutual funds trending experience.

ICICI Direct Money

A platform that creates easy mutual funds trading experience

UI UX design Prototype

UI UX design and development work for Kotak Mahindra Bank for digital transformation.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

A digital transformation for credit & current account journeys

UI UX design Frontend development

UI UX design & development work for RXIL, transforming the MSME transaction experience.


A modern MSME transaction experience for easy accessibility

UI UX design Frontend development CMS

Simplified dealers’ dashboard with UI UX design for Mahindra Finance.

Mahindra Finance

A dealers’ dashboard simplified for data overview

UI UX design


Making learning interactive

Redesigning the brand identity of IndianMoney’s ffreedom with UI UX & visual design.


A redesign that complemented the new futuristic leap of the brand

UI UX design Graphic design

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A case study highlighting the design and development work done for the edutech platform NijuEDx.


An immersive online learning experience for IB Board students

UI UX design Graphic design CMS

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We are industry-agnostic,
So we excel at designing across the board




Data Analytics








Cloud Services






Marine IT








Bringing a change for betterment

Creating a digital presence with UI UX design, UX writing & development for Saksham Foundation.

Saksham Foundation

Digital onboarding of an NGO catering to autism welfare

UI UX design Frontend development CMS

A case study brief about the design support provided for Jane Goodall Institue’s Indian initiative.

Roots & Shoots

A platform for Jane Goodall Institute's Indian harmonious initiative

UI UX design Graphic design Frontend development

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Bringing people & stories together

A case study brief on the user research done for the OTT platform, Netflix.


User research to gather pre-sign-in insights to localize the experience

User research

Design help to make MX Player’s transition into the world of OTT.

MX Player

Bringing entertainment to the desktop for the brand’s OTT transition

UI UX design

UI UX design support for Voot to design a uniform experience across platforms.


A uniform experience across platforms for user engagement

UI UX design Prototype

Designing a one of a kind platform with to bring concerts to digital.

A revolutionary platform that brought the concert experience to digital

UI UX design

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A case study brief about the cross-device UI UX design work done for the OTT platform SonyLIV.


Redesign of the entire UI/UX of the OTT platform across devices

UI UX design Frontend development

IT Solutions

Simplifying digital data consumption

Creating a digital presence for PiscesER1 Marine with UI UX design, content, visual design, and development.

PiscesER1 Marine

A digital onboarding of the Marine IT brand with design & marketing solutions

UI UX design Graphic design Website development

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UI UX design & development to redesign Synnfo to make its cloud IT services easily accessible.


Beautification to make the cloud IT solutions easy & accessible

UI UX design Frontend development

UI UX design & frontend development for Inniti Network Solutions.

Inniti Network Solutions

Website redesign keeping up with the current trends aiming at scalability

UI UX design Frontend development CMS


We'll let the brands speak for us

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Logo of Kotak Mahindra Bank Logo of Voot Logo of SonyLIV Logo of NijuEDx Logo of Bajaj Logo of Tata Motors
Logo of Orra Logo of Tata Neu Logo of Avesha Logo of The Chatterjee Group (TCG) Logo of MX Player Logo of Fino Finance
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Don't worry, we have answers

Yes, we have had the opportunity to work on digital products/services that cater to audiences across the globe. We have worked for products that cater specifically to the USA, UAE, MENA, APAC, and Europe regions. We have worked with varied cultural mindsets and designed products that have a universal appeal while following the best design practices.
We are industry-agnostic which gives us the opportunity to explore various products that are making an impact in different industries. Be it FinTech, Entertainment, Healthcare, SAAS, E-commerce, or IT Solutions - we have worked across industries to transform brands with design thinking. We believe it’s our design expertise that allows us to freely adapt to any industry.

We have two engagement modes - one is retainership and the other is project-basis. In retainership, we provide you with dedicated resources who work as a part of your team. In a project-basis model, you get a seasoned team on a shared basis for the project timeline. Based on the scope of work, you can choose an engagement model that suits your needs.

Of course. You can just fill out a form here so we have some clarity to share relevant information with you, for your convenience. An informed decision is always better than an assumption.

We don’t particularly like to boast of our talents but this question always excites us. Not only do we have a team of young, enthusiastic, and talented individuals, our Head of Design adds his personal touch to each project by sharing valuable insights based on his industry experience. Our team always goes the extra mile to add value to your product/service’s experience.

It depends on the location, scope of work, and project tenure. We can discuss your requirements over a call to understand the need better and offer a suitable solution. Please fill out the Contact form mentioning a bit about yourself and your requirements. Someone from our business team will get in touch with you with the next steps.

We are a bunch of quirky & creative lemons, predominantly composed of UI UX designers & graphic designers. We also have motion graphic designers, UI developers, front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers, social media executives, content writers, and project managers. It’s a basket of many talents.

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