Roots and Shoots

Roots & Shoots, India

Bringing the Indian website of Jane Goodall's youth-led initiative to life

A colorful collaboration with a global community welfare NGO to design a website that portrays the true essence of the institute.


Roots & Shoots is a global initiative led by the award winning English primatologist, Dr. Jane Goodall. It is a platform designed to bring youth from all walks of life together to work on things that matter - people, environment, and animals - as a community.

With design thinking and creative brainstorming sessions, we designed a website that was vibrant and encapsulated what the institute represents.


What we needed to redefine

We needed to design a website that would reflect the global identity of the institute while also giving the website a touch of India through our illustrations.

The challenge was to design a website which the youth could connect to while also educating them about Roots & Shoots as a platform.

Community welfare, NGO
Community welfare, NGO
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Our approach

Roots & Shoots 🤝 Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow’s collaboration with Roots & Shoots started at a time where everything was limited to Zoom meetings and laptop screens during the second wave of COVID in 2021. The idea behind this project was to unleash our creativity through both UI/UX and graphic design, keeping in mind the accurate representation of details based on the brief provided. We are driven by nature-inspired designs. Our approach for this collaboration was to let that same inspiration guide us to bring our vision to life through the designs.

Understanding the users


The environmentalists are the primary users of the websites who have been or are looking to associate themselves with the Roots & Shoots platform.


This category of users include the poeple in India who are interested in protecting the nature and visit the website to understand more about what Roots & Shoots stands for.


These users of the website are from the community of youth who want to come together and play their part in making the world a better place through the Roots & Shoots platform.

What was the problem

Designing a new website from scratch. Creating a connection with the Indian users. Highlighting what Roots & Shoots stands for.

What Lemon Yellow did

Nature inspired designs. Key focus on visual details. Giving the Indian touch to a global name.


Glimpse of the visual design

Adding the Indian touch

With the organization knowledge on flora and fauna, we designed illustrations of natural elements suitable for the initiative. An Indian palette of colors and motifs complemented it all with the regional touch.

From pencil to paws

What started with a blank canvas was sketched, detailed and shaded to life, giving us the beautiful illustrations that are now on the website.

The flora & fauna

We made the design environment-friendly

Through a graphic & UI collaboration

After a thorough research and multiple rough sketches, we brought the Indian flora and fauna to life on our screens through illustrations. Bringing Roots & Shoots to life from paper sketches of the wireframe was a collaborative effort between our UI and Graphic Design team. Understanding the need of the audience along with the institution gave life to a design ecosystem that promoted harmony, in a natural setting.

Conversational UI

Our designs meet the aquatic world

A deeper dive into Oceans Are Us

Our designs for Oceans Are Us were inspired by the vibrant blues of ocean and the core values of the project. The brief for us was to create designs that look good while also highlighting what the mission stands for.

Oceans Are Us is a special initiative by Roots & Shoots aimed at protecting our oceans. Our screens for this project were designed keeping in mind the marine life found in India.

Conversational UI
Conversational UI

The result

Our happy ending

After a flora and fauna-ful design process, when Dr. Jane Goodall made the decision to pay us all a virtual visit along with her dear friend Mr. H, we knew it was a happy ending! 🎉

Conversational UI

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