The redesign journey of EarlySalary to Fibe

The journey of digital happiness from EarlySalary to what we now know and love as Fibe.

Fibe is an innovative lending platform that aims at providing their users with easy, modern personal loan options. They wanted to change the way today's India takes loans - through a mobile-first experience, which is where we came into picture.

With design thinking and rigorous brainstorming sessions, we redefined the user experience to achieve the vision - creating a revolutionary lending experience.


What we needed to redefine

We needed to build a strong new foundation for an old legacy. An entirely new look and feel was the goal. We wanted to design an experience that will cater to the growth of Fibe. One of the key challenges was to reduce the user journey for the application process.

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Girl using Fibe

Our approach

Fibe 🤝 Lemon Yellow

Fibe and Lemon Yellow's collaboration resulted in a design which was modern, exciting and innovative. The focal point of this collaboration were the users and what Fibe as a brand stands for. We wanted to design an experience that the users would enjoy and not reinvent the wheel completely. We wanted to understand Fibe and pick up right where they left off.

Our approach was to think beyond the same ol' finance application and bring something new to the table which was also easy for the users to adapt to.

Understanding the users

EarlySalary to Fibe

The users who have been with Fibe from the beginning. Making their transition smooth and minimize the learning curve was the goal.

New to Fibe

This category of users have not used the app before and the newly designed experience will be the beginning of their journey with Fibe.

The intent-driven

These users are driven by their intent to get money in order to achieve their goals & are motivated to complete the process throughout the application.

The window-shoppers

The window-shoppers casually browse through the app after coming across it. They are potential users but would not go for the products offered right away.


We scratched the markers first on our heads, then on the board and sketched a version for the new application.


With our pens, papers and sticky notes in place, we uncovered the why, understood challenges, aligned goals and set milestones.

What was the problem

High user drop rate. Mismatch in branding and communication. Long application process.

What Lemon Yellow did

One-tap application process. A carnival theme. Trust & assurance.


Introducing Fibe to the world

Let the carnival begin!

A carnival-esque moodboard with brand colours was all set to make the application look and feel festive. We also got to meet our little helper Fibo who guides the users at every step of their journey!

Fibe Logo

Emotion adds value

(Green) is shy, timid, and like everything, in moderation

(Orange) is cheerful, spreading happiness everywhere it goes

(Pink) is bit fiery and delivers the message of caution!

We made design talk

Simple onboarding turning into an adventure

Sticking to the overall theme and to keep users excited, we turned the same good old onboarding process into an interactive story that captured users’ attention from the get go!

We made our design talk and made it engaging with different visuals where each screen told a story of the adventure that the user would be going on.

Fibe logo

Welcome to the carnival of upgrades with Fibe

One credit line for a world of possibilities


It's the carnival world of upgrades

Fibe logo

Get what you want, without the wait

Skip the queues, incredible upgrades take just 10 minutes


Get what you want in 10 mins

Fibe logo

Choose your instant life upgrades.

Get up to ₹ 5 lacs and spend it the way you want


Instant loan in 10 mins upto ₹5 lacs

The hero of our design -
conversational UI!

Tap Tap Done!

We changed the tone of the app to make it feel like the users were having a conversation with the app. Each interaction with Fibo was designed to give a human touch to the messages displayed on the screen.

Conversational UI

Say hello to gamification 👋

Earn rewards and offers

We chose the gamification approach for the new application. This kept the users engaged and made them feel excited about earning rewards made specially for them.


Simplifying the process
for you

Adding the instant in instant loans

Gone are the days when people spent hours applying for "instant loans". Ironic, right? A simplified process was the answer. Now all you need are 10 minutes to get your cash loan from the application.

Get exclusive offers

card features

Its a salary card better than any credit card

Choose the right tenure and get instant loan

Hassle free repayments

Refer right to get rewarded

The result

Our happy ending

Fibe turned out to be an instant hit among users, both old and new. So much so, that it won many awards within a year of its launch, onboarded 4.5 lacs new customers, and had a 135% YoY revenue growth!

Talk about success.

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