Making e-learning fun for children enrolled into the IB board

Bringing online education to life by designing a platform that makes learning feel oh so fun!

NijuEDx is an online-first school that provides a new way of learning for students aged 11-18 years. They provide an experience of futuristic education using digital technologies at an affordable fee for students in developing countries. The main aim of NijuEDx is to drive the students through their own learning journey at their own pace, place and time.

We got on board with NijuEDx and incorporated design thinking into their platform to design an application that was engaging.


What we needed to redefine

The users belong to developing countries which is why we had to ensure that the application, designs and gamification were visually appealing. Our aim was to be relatable to the different mindsets who would be using the application everyday & design quality educational modules for them.

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Our approach

NijuEDx 🤝 Lemon Yellow

We collaborated with NijuEDx to make their application a place where students and teachers look forward to coming. We understood that the platform was primarily online and learner-driven. If we want the users to come back, our focus should be on giving them a sense of self-motivation through our designs.

We came to the conclusion that we needed to branch out from lengthy modules and bring the students a game oriented learning platform to their fingertips. We introduced a new world to the users with adventures that makes them keep coming back.

Understanding the users


Users learning at their own pace through a gamified structure & content approach. It was important to curate a nurturing, trustworthy and engaging experience for different age groups.


The parents would be using the application to keep a track of their child’s progress. They are not necessarily updated with the latest tech trends so it was important to design a seamless experience for them.

Teachers & Counsellors

These users are the teachers and counsellors that will be using the application to upload content on platforms, get academic reports, assign activities and take live sessions.


The tutors would be using NijuEDx to take one on one sessions with the students. The tutors also respond to questions posted by students and keep a check on dashboards.

What was the problem

Less tech-savvy users. A completely new platform. Varied visual appeal for different age groups.

What Lemon Yellow did

Interactive user interface. Easy to understand designs. Personalization and gamification.


We made home-schooling
friendly & fun

Bringing school home to you

Paying attention to lessons during homeschooling can be difficult but we turned it into a fun experience through structural and content gamification. When studying looks and feels like a game, it is easy to keep the learners engaged for a long period of time.

We created Luna to help the
learners throughout

Converted chatbot into a friend

Our in-app assistant Luna was designed to interact with students on their journey throughout the application. The idea was to incorporate AI in a way that was friendly, engaging and nurturing. An intelligent and friendly fox, Luna assists students by giving them relevant nudges along with rewards when they perform great in their lessons!

Design language

A language understood by everyone

We love simplicity. It is at the heart of our design principles. With NijuEDx, we were introduced to users that belonged to a completely different cultural and geographical background.

We used a simple and global design language which was successful in creating a connection between the learners and the new application. After all, design is a language understood by all.


Adventurous themes for learners

Play and explore with different themes

To make the experience immersive, we curated different themes according to the age groups of the learners. We designed the Forest, Fantasy and Superhero themes. Every theme had dedicated visual elements and colour schemes.

Daily trivia & game zone

Level up, learn & earn rewards

We gamified the lessons and modules for the students on the application. With each lesson-related task a student finishes in a day, they level up and unlock exciting rewards. It's a stimulating experience and a win-win situation!

Adaptable mobile designs for learners

A seamless experience across devices

Our designs for the platform were also adapted to mobile screens for the users. Our vision was to give the users a seamless and an integrated experience across every device. Convenience for the users was one of our focal points while designing the platform.

Making the application parent-friendly

Designed with consistency and proximity

During user research and interviews, we understood that the parents would be comparatively less tech-savvy. Taking that into consideration, we made sure that the content on the screen clearly communicated the message. The designs for the interface were also simple and easy to understand with visual cues that would guide the parents through out the application.

We made our designs easily accessible for educators

Meet, connect and talk with educators anytime, anywhere

The designs were made keeping in mind the educators who would be using the application to meet, connect and engage with students at every stage. Each screen was designed to be easy, user-friendly and catered to the needs of the educators.

Our designs
simplified the complexity
for Educators

Experienced Tutors to
develop leaders & respond
to learners’ queries

Teachers ensuring quality
learnings & monitoring
academic progress

Trusted in-house Counsellors
focused on mental health &

A new NijuEDx for the World Wide Web

A fresh new look for the old website

A great new application needed a new clean, minimal and interactive website that matched. We focused on all the unique features of the application and highlighted how NijuEDx brings education home for students, their parents and teachers.

Want to know the visual design we did for NijuEDx?

Here's how we went on an adventurous learning journey with Luna in a adventure world.

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