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My New Year Resolution!

Snigdha Mondal

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Making new year resolution as a designer

“Sabko naye saal ki badhaiyaa!”

“Happy New Year filled with love, new adventures, accomplishments and learnings to you.”

Hello, I'm Snigdha Mandal, a passionate UX designer from a Computer Engineering background, who loves nature and rain; and I can talk like a non-stop radio if a topic of interest comes up! The same thing happened to me when I became a part of Lemon Yellow. Not only am I learning a lot from my superiors, but we also interact, learn and grow in the UX space. There's one thing that I clearly developed from our LY culture, .i.e. by doing your favourite task every day, one can make it a habit. Certainly, I'll be using this cool tip! Read the blog to know how. It is a brand new year, a beginning of the fresh new chapter of the year 2021 and I want to start it by sharing some of my New Year's resolutions with you.

  1. Stop over-thinking
    Over-thinking is caused by self-doubt, low self-esteem issues and I've spent most of my time thinking about situations that don't exist or over-exaggerating them in my mind. In order to break this chain, I've thought of starting my day with positive self-talk and mindfulness practices like Yoga, to control the racing thoughts going on and on inside my brain. This practice can help me understand my problems more clearly and maybe I can solve it on my own!
  2. Learning a new skill
    Learning something new has advantages like it makes us more adaptable in the world and can also help us to get better jobs. These reasons are good enough to start learning, but what if the person gives up soon? Speaking from personal experience, it is quite difficult to continue but to make learning a habit, I came up with an idea that I'll just implement 30 minutes of my time every day for about a month for learning. When it becomes a habit, I'll have no problem doing it every day.
  3. Be active on social media platforms
    On reading this you might think that how can this be a “New Year Resolution''?! But having a superpower like procrastinating things i.e. not sharing my work actively on social media platforms makes me set this as a “New Year Resolution'' and I promise that from today onwards I'll organize and plan well my posts. I will at least post something thrice a week for about 21 days to form a habit!
  4. Update my portfolio
    My last (but definitely not the least) resolution is to start working on this crazy but amazing idea of mine and adding it to my portfolio. Would also love to collaborate with others if given a chance!

Well, there's a lot going on in my mind but these were a few top priority things I penned down on my resolution list. I don't want to jinx it and break them all so these were my new year resolutions for 2021. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and enjoy some good reads available on Thank You!

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