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Learning never stops at LY,
thanks to Learning Saturdays

From expert sessions to interactive workshops, Learning Saturdays is a knowledge sharing platform.
Never stop learning with Learning Saturdays

Knowledge is power.

We have all heard this saying at least once in our lives. But we don’t really pay any attention to it. It’s actually funny how little we think about it - considering power is such a strong word, just like knowledge.


Think about it - every powerful thing out there - from priceless art to revolutionary technology - is born out of knowledge. In all our stories, knowledge is the one thing that makes a person a hero or a villain. Knowledge is that power with which you can change your perspective, and in turn, change the world.


And we all have our bits and pieces of knowledge. Somebody is passionate about astrology while someone loves getting lost in astronomy. Somebody is great at art history while the other can navigate through Figma so smoothly, it’s like they created the platform. We truly believe that “knowledge is increased when shared”. Hence, the Learning Saturday.


On the alternate Saturdays that we work, we dedicate them to learning. The ultimate aim of Learning Saturday was to provide our Lemons with a platform where they can become confident in presenting to an audience. Now, how to do that was a question we needed to solve. Confidence is the key to any presentation, so how do we make them naturally confident?


First, we established a team who dedicatedly works for Learning Saturday - we call them the Ministry of Education. This ministry is in charge of grooming Lemons for their presentations. To bring that innate confidence, we let the Lemons choose their topic of interest and talk about it.


But that’s just the beginning. Learning Saturdays come in many formats such as,

Break the ice

A platform for new Lemons to break the ice with other Lemons.



Special sessions by experts from across the industry.



Making learning practical where we also let our hands work along with our brains.


Lemon shots

An open stage for anyone to present on the topic of the moment or interest.


Project insights

Revealing details of any given project so everyone knows what our many teams work on.



Exchanging different perspectives on any topic to understand something from a 360° angle.


In short, learning comes in many interesting forms and ways at LY. True growth comes when you stay a student, as long as you are alive.


And that’s what we do.


Keep learning and keep growing - every day.

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Sunday @ LY

#Self Sunday

There is no Sunday at LY, because we do what we love on Sundays.

This is your reminder to enjoy the weekend, the way you want.

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