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A culture of growth, based on the Jeevanvidya philosophy

A company culture based on the Jeevanvidya philosophy.
A company culture based on the Jeevanvidya philosophy

There’s a short phrase about culture - company culture to be specific - that makes us smile and think, and has stayed with us.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

In simple words, it wraps up the entire bad image corporate culture has given to “company culture”. It aptly summarizes how companies can rise or fall if your strategies are not aligned with your culture.

And in this age of social media, culture has become the talk of the professional town. From quiet quitting to great resignation, leaders and teammates are speaking up about company culture.

Some well-known company CEO would talk about working round the clock, or another would say that personal & professional lives don’t exist in exclusion to each other, leading to an outrage on social media, promoting it as a toxic culture.

But what is culture? What makes a company’s culture? 

We don’t know about others, but ours is one that is iron-clad, and based on the Jeevanvidya philosophy. 

Proposed by the eminent Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai, Jeevanvidya simply teaches the philosophy of harmony and action. It has given us our attitude of gratitude.

In a world where professionalism is often confused with capitalism, in our little world, culture plays the role of the silent enabler of growth - both personal and professional. Our culture is a framework that defines who we are as a company. It defines the values we stand for. It almost makes Lemon Yellow a living, breathing entity with a personality. 

And it all revolves around 3 things - gratitude, harmony, and responsibility. 

For us, gratitude is an all-encompassing feeling that reminds us to be grounded. Our Founder, Sameer Bhambere, explains it perfectly. To paraphrase him, nobody out there, not a single person, is self-made. Our lives are made up of many people, who contribute to making us who we are - directly, indirectly, knowingly, and unknowingly. 

Here’s an example of how deep our attitude runs - the first thing you do when you wake up is wash your face or brush your teeth. You wouldn’t be able to do that if, at the latest stage of the process, the person who is supposed to provide water to your area doesn’t do his job. With such a rocky start, your entire day will be ruined. 

So many people, in so many small ways, become a part of our lives. It’s through the collective efforts of the society around us that we can become who we want to be. And when you grasp the gravity of that, you learn to be human. We are re-learning still, every day.

Harmony stems from his attitude of gratitude. All our efforts are directed towards the betterment of everyone. And it’s not a selfless or grand gesture - it’s a simple human thought. When everyone flourishes, so will we. When a society flourishes, so does everyone in it. As simple as that.

You have to be responsible for this kind of attitude. Betterment for everyone with gratitude doesn’t come easy. It takes practice. It takes effort. But slowly and steadily, it does happen.

That’s what we do at LY. We practice harmony, gratitude, and responsibility - every day. That’s our culture - for the better of everyone.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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