Blog Content Importance of Content in the world of UI UX

Importance of Content in the world of UI UX

Nikita Sarmah

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Content is king!

Over the years, the world has agreed to the fact that ‘Content is King'. Irrespective of what field you are in, a content writer plays a key role inbringing the products and services to life. Brand Communication is as important as oxygen for any business to thrive. Having said that, how does it apply to a UI UX agency? Before stepping into Lemon Yellow, I was working entirely in the world of content & digital marketing. Coming from an advertising background, my hold on communication has been one of my key strengths. Working on numerous styles of content creation through the years, I have always been on the advertising side of the business. Versus when I got the opportunity to join a UI UX agency. I felt skeptical as the words threw me off a little. I wondered - “Will my creative writing skills flourish here?”, “ Is there a scope for creativity?” “Will I ever get to create content that inspires?” Little did I know that all of these questions would have the same answer - absolutely YES! Navigating my way through the design process of Lemon Yellow, I realised that once you understand the basic principles of user-centric design you would realise how important content is for the success of any product. There is one thing that is absolutely clear to me, there is no second chance to make a first impression. So, to the aspiring writers (content/copy) who are contemplating exploring the UI UX world I would say there is so much you can do. For starters, let's take a look at what do UX writers do:

Grab Attention: Content is the first thing that can make or break the image of a product at the very first glance. The first thing you let your users read is what will draw them into your digital product. Once you grab their attention with the right communication, you have won half the battle of a successful onboarding. For example, a welcome message while logging into an App is what a UX writer does. This is the first opportunity where the product directly talks to the user and engages them. 

Boost Conversions: How can content help boost conversions? Aspiring writers! brace yourself - your words have the power to convert visitors into loyal users. If advertising has taught me one thing, it is to not take the power of words lightly. They have the ability to get into the human psyche and influence decisions. Simple, crisp content can simplify a subscription process that can turn browsers into subscribers. While if a website's home page bombards the user with jarring, confusing words it is bound to increase the number of dropouts.  

Build Connections: The process of designing a product is both creative and analytical. And the beauty of working as a UX writer is that you get to be a part of building the user experience of a product right from scratch. Thinking of the content and concept across platforms (web, mobile, tablet) is both challenging and exciting. You as a writer have the power of words that can build connections and positive interactions with the users. Also, it's not just about building connections with the users but also with the team that works with you. The biggest difference between a copywriter and a UX writer is that the former can work alone but the latter must work in collaboration with a team. 

Re-invite Users: The feeling a product gives before the user leaves the space (website, App) decides whether they will return to the product or not. A humble thank you message, an encouraging see you again nudge, or a smart ‘now-that-you-have-subscribed-why-don't-you-check-out-this-too' are some of the areas where good copy can come into the picture and save the day! 

Let me make it simpler for you, it's like when you are in Advertising you are responsible for marketing a product but when you are in UI UX you are responsible for creating the product itself. For me, it feels as if the tables have turned and how! A major part of the UX process involves research, design thinking, brainstorming and ideation. And at Lemon Yellow, we look for product designers/thinkers to come together and design a product from inception. As a content writer who is supposed to be a thinker by default, this is a huge opportunity to learn and contribute. In my opinion, content has always had prominence in creative fields but it's a great time to be alive in the world of UI UX. So go on writers, explore the beautiful world of UX!

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