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What’s in our name? Everything. Find out why Lemon Yellow

A deeper dive in understanding why we are called Lemon Yellow
Lemon Yellow: The reason behind the name

Shakespeare once asked, “What’s in a name?”

For us, our name is our story. Our name defines who we are. Our name often makes people ask,

“Why Lemon Yellow?”

So here’s us, solving the mystery, once and for all.

Once upon a time, 2 brothers studied commercial arts at the prestigious Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai. Both of them had a different, unique perspective of looking at the world around them. But both of them were true to one thing - design. They were designers at heart, above everything else.

Staying true to their hearts, when one of the brothers - our beloved Founder, Sameer Bhambere - started his entrepreneurial journey, he thought long and hard about the identity of his company. This was going to be a design agency, after all. 


The name needed to justify the simplicity and complexity of the world of design.



So he stuck to those 2 values - simplicity and complexity. He went back to the basics. We got yellow from the primary color wheel. For those of you who don’t know colors, red, blue, and yellow are considered primary colors in the world of artists. Colors that give birth to other colors when mixed.

As we all know, each color has a personality. You must have heard about color psychology. Going by the psychological traits of red, blue, and yellow, it was yellow that won over. Yellow denotes happiness. It gives hope, energy, and warmth. It is a color that cheers up any place that it is put in. And that’s what Sameer wanted our agency’s personality to be like.

So we got the second half of our name - Yellow.

Now for the Lemon. Again, going back to the basics, Sameer went to shapes. Because every object, very simply from a design perspective, has 2 things - shape and color. He had color, so he went to shapes. He took the most easily recognizable and wholesome shape - circle. Circles have a beginning and an end, but it all comes together so beautifully that you can’t distinguish one from the other. It’s as close to perfection as perfection can be.

So he took the circle and elevated it to the next level. To match the vibe of Yellow, the search started for objects that are circular in nature and have bright energy. Because Yellow Circle wouldn’t have sounded as good. After picking, choosing, and discarding a lot of objects, our vibe matched with - you guessed it - Lemon.

Zesty, full of enriching vitamins, and refreshing - nothing could go as perfectly as a Lemon to express and establish who we are.

Call it a coincidence, but we are also ambat (sour) like lemons. Finding double entendre in the most innocent things and making it funny is our teams’ secret expertise.

And folks, that’s why we are Lemon Yellow.

Because we have zest and energy. We bring refreshing solutions to the table. We design digital happiness. And we believe in a world that is harmoniously good.

We are Lemon Yellow.

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