Blog Content Why should a Designer write everyday?

Why should a Designer write everyday?

Dixita Jain

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A lot of you designers might be wondering, ‘‘Why do I need to write? I am a designer not a writer''. Imagine this !!! You are suddenly in a situation where you have to communicate with the client directly over a mail or a text to convey your ideas and due to the lack of writing habit, you wind up sending a message which gives out a totally different message, wouldn't it be a disaster? Well, here are the times when writing comes handy to tackle unavoidable situations with ease and do just fine. So that's one of the reasons why it is highly recommended for designers to write everyday. I've read somewhere ‘Writing is a design of words, design and content are inseparable'. And that's so true because you can't complete a design without words so, why not incorporate the habit of writing in your design routine to create a foolproof design product. I'll suggest you explore writing to become more than a designer; It's always cool and good to have two skills in hand, right? I'm sure some of you might be thinking, “I'm not good at writing, how do I get started or how do I develop my writing skills”. Well that's okay, once you get started and practice writing everyday, you will surely reach a point where you'll be much more confident in your writing and communication, but you have to start somewhere. We writers grow everyday by taking tiny steps towards our goal everyday and that's what works the best. You can do too, take little steps towards writing and you will surely experience an improvement in your quality of designing as writing will help you direct your mind and skills to design better. How? Here are a few reasons how writing everyday helps,

  • Writing helps you to express your thoughts.
  • Writing will make you a professional communicator.
  • Writing helps you to organise your design regime.
  • Writing helps to ideate and brainstorm.
  • Writing acts like a reminder in your daily design routine.
  • Writing will help you start your own library of thoughts.

The list of advantages would not get over here. So, I will move forward to tell you ‘How to make writing your habit and how to improve your skills'.

  1. Start writing your ideas on paper: The habit of writing your ideas during the brainstorming sessions will assist you in many ways. First, it will keep you in check with your ideas, which one might otherwise forget. But here's a thing, if you are writing the ideas make sure you write properly keeping the structure of the sentence and grammar in check. Also not to forget, writing will improve your thinking as you will stress a little more on your right brain to write than usual.
  2. Maintain a Journal: I'm telling you again and again, ‘Write everyday' may be just one line. Get a journal or notebook for yourself and start writing at the end of the day. Write about how your day went and what all you did on that particular day. This exercise will help you to convey your thoughts.
  3. Grammar Study: Grammar - The most important aspect of any language. You need to keep your grammar in check. Study about it through various portals like grammar books, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. Grammar can make or break your communication so keep your intention in making.
  4. Write Concept Notes: Once you get a concept in your mind or even a design idea for that matter, write it in a structured manner. Writing concept notes will help you to communicate better with your team and clients. These notes give a complete understanding about your idea which will actually work wonders for you. Presenting ideas become quite easy with a detailed concept note. Make this your habit now!
  5. Read blogs on Writing skills: Last but definitely not least- Read! Reading is important when you are trying to improve your writing skills. Reading on a topic you wish to conquer gives you a better picture of what the art is all about. There are ‘n' number of blogs available all over the internet on improving your skills and your language. I highly recommend you to check out the blogs on Medium, Awwwards, Invision, Material Design, and much more.

These are certain ways you can incorporate writing into your daily routine for maximum efficiency. Pro tip - ‘Go slow and commit to writing everyday'

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