Blog Design 5 Lessons you can Learn from Nature as UI/UX designers

5 Lessons you can Learn from Nature as UI/UX designers

Shubham Gupta

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How to be inspired by nature

Mother nature has something for all of us to take away. Consisting of colors, texture, balance, and consistency, designers can take a lot of inspiration from nature.

If you observe nature carefully, everything is balanced with symmetry and beauty. Nature is the most simplest yet complex designer we know. We can learn a lot of crucial design lessons from nature.

Here are 5 important lessons you can learn from nature:

  1. Function
    Nature always focuses on its functions and never compromises with it. This is a lesson for every designer. No matter if it's a web app or a website or be it a product design - the objective of the design should be to improve the user experience. The design of the website should be able to grab the attention of its target audiences, engage them, and get liked. A good design with functionality can enhance your conversion rates. 
  2. Colors & Contrast
    Colors always tell a story. The colors of nature are often vibrant in contrast with earthy shades. Color is the power that drives engagement. However, designers should learn from nature on how to use colors in their designs to be easy and attractive on the eyes. When applied right, contrast in colors, shapes, elements, sizes and placing of each element can be rather eye-catching. Collecting everything from nature and converting them into designs would be interesting. 
  3. Consistency & Inspiration
    Designers can learn to be consistent in their job by being inspired by nature. Consistency is a major element in giving the elements that look and feel of a particular trend. We often hear designers talk about consistent navigation, page layouts, menu bars, or control elements. In every case, the designers are looking for a way to leverage the usability of the Interface. 

    Nature always inspires us to be different yet beautiful in every aspect. When it comes to design, a good design has to stand out, inspire, and work seamlessly. As a designer, one should focus on the values in place of products and services. 
  4. Balance & Alignment
    Just have a look at the ecosystem, everything has maintained its balance and alignments so as to not disturb other elements. Having seen these things in nature, designers should maintain balance and visual equilibrium in design. By using a good balance of text, graphics, media, and the layout - everything contributes to make a web page design perfect. A perfect balanced design grabs the attention of the users. 
  5. Order & Interconnections
    In nature, everything has a proper cycle that doesn't change. This teaches us the importance of everything should be followed logically. In designing the UX designers should be logical in each UX decision, if not then the Visitors will experience discomfort. 

Everything in the world is interconnected and totally depends on each other. When it comes to web designs, designers agree that each design should have a purpose . As nature inspires, motivates, and helps us shape almost everything. Designers can glean many design lessons from nature to make their designs more effective and beautiful. 

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