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Work from nature, work for nature

Workshops and learning sessions conducted closer to nature.
Going close to nature, one session at a time

To quote Lord Byron,


“There is pleasure in the pathless woods;

There is rapture on the lonely shore;

There is a society, where none intrudes,

By the deep sea, and music in its roar;

I love not man the less, but nature more…”


This poem rightly describes the spirit of Lemon Yellow. For us, sustainability in design starts with our love for nature. It goes beyond just being a duty or a responsibility, it’s a thought rooted deep within ourselves, almost like a need.


This need arises from our deepest admiration & respect for nature. Our biggest role model/inspiration in design? Nature. From colors to symmetry to hierarchy - nature has been and continues to be our teacher. From its beautiful interface to the memorable experience it provides, we can’t help but try to absorb everything it tries to teach us.

Design inspiration to draw from natural elements


Reflecting on important work decisions around a campfire.

Our workshop in nature

Just try it - when you experience a “creative block”, get away from the urbanity of it all. Put all the screens aside, and just sit with nature. You can go sit in a garden, amongst trees, or just sit somewhere in your house where you can look at the sky. Empty your brain of everything and let it fill with nature. The ideas will start to flow, naturally. Pun intended.


We take any chance we can to work from nature. Work from home is way too basic for us. So far, we have taken 2 of the most important workshops for the growth of LY in nature, and they have been productive & stimulating.


Soon, we are going to normalize work from nature for everyone. Not just for our team, but for you as well.


How? Well, wait and see.

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Tuesday @ LY

#Appreciation Tuesday

Get ready to be soaked on Tuesdays, because Appreciations rain at LY!

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