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Quick Tips to Manage Your Time

Dixita Jain

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This blog is a quick read and would definitely not eat up a lot of your time. In a world of immense work and pressure, we feel 24 hours are less.So, here are afew tips to manage your working hours well and getting maximum things done!

  • To do list: A ‘to do list' will always help you define what tasks have to be done in a particular time span. Tell yourself not to sleep before all the important tasks are marked with a tick. It would really feel good and relieved to tick the tasks you completed before you go to bed.
  • Prioritise your Tasks: Each task holds a level of importance and you need to understand it well. It is crucial for you to prioritise by keeping its importance in mind. The minute the task is at the top of ‘To do list', you are more likely to get it done faster.
  • Divide your Task and Work: A huge task seems a little difficult to complete and let's be honest stressful as well. Here is a thing you can do to reduce your work stress and meet your deadline, divide your tasks into much smaller tasks. Smaller tasks gives you a motivation to complete work better and more smoothly.
  • Schedule your Tasks: With your ‘To do list' of tasks jot down the timings as well. This gives you a sense of clarity of what has to be done at what time of the day. Setting a time-table prior would make sure you spend your day in a productive manner.

Try these tips, they are some sure short ways to manage your time and make the most out of your daily hours. And yes! Enjoy every bit of 24 hours.  

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