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How to Tackle a Writer's Block?

Nikita Sarmah

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Charles Bukowski once said,

“Writing about a writer's block is better than not writing at all.”

We writers often encounter this cruel enemy often not knowing how to politely refuse its company. A writer's block is when your mind goes blank, you reach a dead end, and no thoughts come on to paper. There can be various reasons for a writer's block like an exhausted mind, too many ideas, lack of inspiration, or you are simply not feeling it. Some of the common reasons for this unfortunate feeling are self-doubt, incorrect timing and being a perfectionist. These are also some of the major reasons for procrastination. Now that we know our problem what are the solutions? Here's how I often do to tackle a writer's block:

1.Write like no one's reading :

We writers often fear the judgment and criticism associated with our work. Admit it! We do not like being critiqued about our work and the fear of feedback often stop our minds from writing at all. So, the next time you have a writer's block, just write anything down and think of it as some lines that no one is ever going to read. No matter how silly they sound, just let it flow; this is a great way to trick your mind into getting the writing started.

2.Go for a stroll :

I cannot remember how many times I have been hit by the creativity bolt while on a walk. Just go for a walk and see how much of a difference it makes. I highly recommend this tip to slay the savage writer's block with a calm and gentle stroll at the park.

3.Read a book/article :

Grab hold of that unfinished chapter, or read up a short article just to refresh your mind. This might spark imagination and get the pen rolling! Reading about tackling a writer's block would probably be the best thing to do.

4.Make some tea :

Or coffee, if that's your choice of beverage. Sometimes just getting up and making a cuppa chai is all the inspiration you need. Trust me, it is a great exercise to the mind. Smelling the strong aroma, watching the tea brew, adding sugar and taking the first hot sip is therapeutic. And if it doesn't work immediately, well at least you've had a great cup of tea! These four tips are my sure shot ways of shattering a writer's block. They work most of the times, and when they don't I just decide to sleep it off. There is nothing a good nap can't cure.

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