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Redefining FinTech with design;
introducing FinteD!

Redefining the world of fintech with design and changing the term, rightfully, to FinteD.
Adding design to finance & technology with FinteD

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s that we are industry agnostic. Our design expertise or knowledge isn’t limited to any particular industry; it’s as fluid and all-encompassing as the industry we serve - design.


Inadvertently though, our work portfolio favors two industries - first fintech, and second entertainment. FinTech is our favorite - because finance and technology have always been two domains alienated from design. When it comes to the digital ecosystem of finance, design has always been the last thought on the stakeholders’ minds. Functionality and security remain the highest concern - for the right reasons, of course - which is where technology became the dominating factor in finance’s digital transition.


But, financial transactions are already anxiety & panic-inducing. Keeping it clinical and devoid of any emotion is how banks have been working - at least the majority. And we wanted to change that.


There are quite a few good fintech products that have been trying to change the industry with design. With our expertise and exposure to the industry, we tried to make a difference with design, with every project we got.


And then we were introduced to the FinTech Festival of India. A large platform where the entire world of fintech was available to us at our fingertips. What better platform to talk about our invisible hero, design?


And so we transformed the word. We got an outlet that let our years of insights come out and speak for itself. Learnings and feedback from each project came out with each session, strengthening our own belief that design is the invisible hero of our industry. It helps, of course, when others validate your belief.


So with this shared belief, we introduced to the world - FinteD. Finance, technology, and design. Just the addition of design makes everything better.


Think of this scenario. You are fulfilling tax duties for a closed one who is now deceased. This is how a copy might read:


Source: TurboTax / AaronWalter

You might be used to seeing messages like these, and nothing’s very wrong with that. But here’s how design makes a difference. When you add design thinking to it, the message can turn into something like this.

Source: TurboTax / AaronWalter

And that right there is FinteD.


The design makes the dull and dreary experience of fintech delightful and reassuring.


And that’s what we are building.


FinteD is just the beginning.

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