Online learning made adventurous with Luna

Students went on an adventurous journey with Luna to a world with creative themes & innovative illustrations!

NijuEDx is an online-first school that provides a new way of learning for students aged 11-18 years. They provide an experience of futuristic education using digital technologies at an affordable fee for students in developing countries.The main aim of NijuEDx is to drive the students through their own learning journey at their own pace, place, and time.

That’s where we came into the picture. We incorporated design thinking in the platform and introduced a world where Luna took the students on a journey to make learning fun and interactive for the students.


What we needed to redefine

We wanted the students to experience a world of learning where the graphics and illustrations were made for their visual taste, mindsets and age groups. Our in-app assistant needed to have a look and feel that was friendly yet futuristic. We also needed to capture the essence of the main characters through our illustrations.

Character design Visual design
Creative Quotient
Design lead Visual designer Motion graphic designer

Our approach

NijuEDx 🤝 Lemon Yellow

NijuEDx and Lemon Yellow's collaboration introduced a new way of online learning to the community. The key focus of this collaboration was understanding different mindsets of students who belong to a new cultural background altogether. We wanted to explore how design thinking would change an educational platform with simplicity, creativity and synergy.

Everything right from the themes for the modules and grades to the character design was carefully thought through to be an extension of what NijuEDx stands for as a platform.

Understanding the users.


The learners are the primary users of the application who belong to a completely different culture. The goal here is to create illustrations that engage them.


The parents are the secondary users who would be using the application to keep a track of their child’s progress. It was important to keep illustrations simple and to the point.

Teachers & Counsellors

These users are the teachers and counsellors that will be using the application to upload content on platforms, get academic reports, assign activities and take live sessions.


The tutors would be using NijuEDx to take one on one sessions with the students. The tutors also respond to questions posted by students and keep a check on dashboards.

What was the problem

A unique approach to education. Different learning modules. Understanding students from a different culture.

What Lemon Yellow did

Introduced Luna. Creative themes for modules. Reward based learning.


The story of Luna

Our hero & in-app helper

Meet Luna the fox. Your happy go lucky AI-based assistant that helps the students on their journey in the application. Foxes are known for their intelligence and our Luna is the perfect example of that. She's smart, friendly and from the future!


We went back to what we learnt in school about character designs and sketched different versions to bring Luna to life.

The different expressions of Luna

A world of themes

The different themes we created for every grade

We created three different themes for modules keeping in mind a group of grades based on the student's age. The three chosen themes were Forest, Fantasy and Superhero. Through each theme, our aim was to transport the students into a land of imagination where learning is not limited to books.

Every theme was designed carefully with the aim to redefine and elevate the virtual learning experience for the students. We also made sure that there was a synergy between the content and themes presented to make it all feel like a part of the same module.

Adventure begins here

A forest for the learners to explore

A fantasy world for the learners to enjoy

Learners save the world with the superheroes

Glimpse of concept design

Visuals that speak louder than words

With the entire application based around a personalized and interactive learning experience, every subject was broken down into modules.

We illustrated different modules for every subject which were divided into levels where completing every level was a stepping stone to reaching the reward and eventually completing the selected module.

We also designed  UI UX for NijuEDx

Here's how we made e-learning an immersive user experience for the students.

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