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Workshops are focused, interactive sessions for a great start

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UX workshops are collaborative sessions between stakeholders and agencies. Think of them as focused, goal-oriented discussions that identify & solve the problem, with consensus.

Types of workshops

Kickoff Workshop

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A kick-off workshop is the stakeholders’ first meeting with the agency, in this case, us. This is held to establish a set & common goal & purpose. Starting a project without a kick-off workshop is like going on a trip without any preparation or plan.
  • Provides clarity for all involved parties
  • Helps establish a common vision
  • Makes the project scope clear
  • Creates a communicative environment
  • Understanding stakeholders’ needs
  • Identifying the challenge
  • Creating a solution-driven strategy
  • Setting the objective
  • 1 day of detailed discussion
  • User profiling
  • Feature listing
  • Scope definition

Types of workshops

Discovery Workshop

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A discovery workshop is conducted to understand the existing state of any given product. This helps to understand the current status to determine & realign to your goals. This is where you take a stock of all you have got, to plan ahead, constructively.
  • Brings a fresh perspective
  • Provides progress (and reality) check
  • Setting a new, shared vision
  • Creates a collaborative environment
  • Redefining your approach
  • Identifying problem areas
  • Establishing goal-centric strategy
  • Setting future expectations
  • 1-2 days of idea exchange
  • Project plan setup
  • User personas
  • Information architecture

Types of workshops

User Needs Workshop

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A user needs workshop is our personal favorite. This is where we encourage you to think about the catalysts of your product’s success - your users. User needs workshop identifies the pain points of your users to focus on user-centric solutions.
  • Amplifies the user experience
  • Establishes success priorities
  • Creates a user-centric product
  • Increases user retentior
  • Understanding your users
  • Building empathy with users
  • Cultivating a user-first attitude
  • Experience-driven sustainability
  • 2-3 days of user understanding
  • Empathy maps
  • Priority listing
  • Task flows

Decoding UX workshop

The specially curated, simple process of collaboration


Break the ice

We meet and understand the project requirements.



Participation is key to a successful workshop, so we help you prepare.



The workshop day where intense yet focused discussions happen.



We analyze the data and provide analyzed reports to move ahead.

We’ll let you in on a secret: UX workshops help you, above anyone else, to create a product that’s not only futuristic but also experience-driven. It is a secret yet powerful tool in UI UX design. Think of it as the booster that propels any engine forward.


Don't worry, we have answers

Yes, UX workshops are absolutely necessary. UX workshops are conducted to bridge the gap between the agency and the stakeholders. Through intense and focused discussions on the product’s vision, it creates a bridge on which a great user experience could be built. Without it, it’s just 2 points of view talking to the same user base.

UX workshops help you, and us, to communicate the exact message you want to convey to your users.

UX workshops are crucial and essential to any project; establishing a strong base is important. To make sure UX workshops are conducted to your and our satisfaction, we send our special team of UX workshop experts.

This team includes our Design Head (Amit Bhambere), UX lead (Palak Jadhav), a couple of UI & UX designers, and the project manager. Every person has a specific task that contributes to making the UX workshop as inclusive and focused as possible. Since we are believers of user-centric design, we try to curate every workshop with personalized attention, with seasoned people.

And of course, for that to happen, your stakeholders have to be there.

Each workshop is created, keeping in mind the specific needs of any given project at any given duration. We do suggest a workshop that perfectly matches your needs and customize it further to tailor your project’s scope.

But if you have a specific need that you think has to be addressed in a combination of 2 different types of workshops, we can definitely discuss it. You can reach out to us for clarity.

Contextually, a UX workshop is conducted at the beginning of a project. This project could be a redesign or a new product launch altogether. Anytime you are looking to refocus your perspective on your product’s experience, a UX workshop will help you move forward.

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