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Yes, we have both Design & Development as two quite different, detailed, and distinct Solutions in our portfolio. If you need us to design as well as develop your product, we have skilled and experienced designers and developers who work in collaboration. Based on your requirement, we create a scope that suits your needs and both our teams' efforts.

While working on different projects across multiple domains, we have tried, tested, and arrived at our very own design process. This is ‘The Lemonade Process’. Right from research to execution, it comprises the essential ingredients that make the perfect product, or in our vocabulary - the perfect lemonade.

Lemon Yellow LLP is primarily a design agency offering user-centric, 360° design solutions. Our core competency is UI/UX design - from user research, UX workshops, visual design to UX writing - we focus on and offer services that are human-centric.

We not only design websites, but we also build them with technology. We have an in-house development team who provides technological support to design, whenever needed.

Our 360° design solutions, apart from UI/UX design, include graphic design and motion graphic design. From logo design to packaging and video editing to micro-interactions, we help products and services to elevate their brand with design thinking.

We also venture into marketing solutions that center around design - this includes social media marketing, pitch design, and email marketing, as and when required.

In short, wherever you need design, we are here to help.

The design process we follow is need-based, customizable, and proven to give quality design as an outcome. We have carefully curated this process to help you shape your product’s vision, backed with logic, design thinking, and resourceful, expert insights.
2 things: our personalized & expert attention to detail and our affinity with nature. First, all our designs go through a careful microscope of usability testing to ensure quality. We treat each project with equal importance, and we design it so - according to the requirement. Second, we are constantly inspired by nature. Sustainable design is one part of it, but what keeps our designs fresh yet classic is the inspiration we take from the expert design of nature.
Lemon Yellow LLP is headquartered in Thane, Maharashtra, India. Our operations are pan-India and cater to the international market as well. In fact, we have an office in Wyoming, USA, catering to the global audience.

We are a team of 50+, strong and growing. We are a fast-growing, mid-sized UI/UX design agency scaling at an exceptional pace. You can read more about our journey so far over here .

No, we offer services that stream into content, development, and graphic design. However, our core competency remains UI/UX design. You can explore the variety of our services in the Solutions section for a detailed understanding.

Well, that's an interesting and long story. You can read the entire story in About , but to sum it up - we believe in simplicity above all. We started from the most wholesome and basic shape and locked on a circle. Then we came to a color that denotes happiness and a combination of the primary colors and came upon yellow. We denoted Lemon to circle, because we add zest with our designs. Hence, Lemon Yellow.

Our industry experience in design is vast. Our Founder - Sameer Bhambere - and Co-founder - Amit Bhambere - are both students of the Sir J. J. Academy of Art. Both have been firm believers in the power of design thinking and design. Sameer Bhambere has constantly strived to spread the power of design thinking with his entrepreneurial ventures. He has over 23+ years of experience doing just that.

Amit Bhambere, whom we fondly call UX Man, is our in-house design expert. In his 20+ years of experience, he has transformed brands like Rediff, Hotstar, Deutsche, and HDFC with design, to name a few. He is the one who heads the design team at Lemon Yellow, and under his guidance, our team of talented designers is learning and growing.

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