Frequently Asked Questions


Don't worry, we have answers

Yes, we do offer internships. As much as experience matters, we also believe in excellence and effort. Fun fact: our UX design lead started as an intern with us. So if you have the zeal and zest to be a lemon, you can apply with us. Seasoned or fresh, if you fit, you fit.

That is an interesting question and one we love to answer. In one word, if we have to describe what Lemon Yellow’s culture is like, we’d say it’s transformative. For us, culture is the essence of everything we do. It’s the framework on which we function. Lemon Yellow is made up of 2 Cs - Color & Culture. Color is the work and culture is, well, culture. The reason of our existence.

Because our culture is based on the Jeevanvidya philosophy - with an aim of designing a world that focuses on 2 things - harmony and gratitude.

Read how we are shaping it in detail here.

Hello, future Lemon!

If you are interested in working with Lemon Yellow and want to apply for a job, all you have to do is go to Careers and fill out the form. As soon as you do that and click submit, your application is with us. Someone from our HR team will get in touch with you if your application is shortlisted.

Of course. You can be fresh out of college or a newbie to the world of design - as long as you show dedication and passion for the position you want to apply for, your job application will be seen at LY.

Go on and apply , fresher. Your fresh perspective will make a difference.

We follow a 70-30 hybrid working model. We truly and sincerely believe in human connection (we are a user-centric design agency after all), so we prefer 70% of our teammates to be working from our beautiful office spaces. Inside tip: if you want the real LY experience, you have to work from the office.

The other 30% are our teammates who work virtually, from the comfort of their homes. Usually, these are the teammates who stay outside of Mumbai/Thane/Maharashtra. Remote working is only allowed for people who don’t stay near the vicinity of Lemon Yellow HQ.

That depends on the position you are applying for. We are a design agency, so our core competency is design. We have multiple departments which support and elevate design to the next level - from content to development. Based on the roles of each department and project, your interaction with clients will be determined.
No, we don’t. Neither do we hire resources on a freelance basis nor do we entertain our teammates moonlighting as freelancers. Because let’s be honest (and not being pompous), but a day at LY is so stimulating and filled with energy that you are going to want to go home and recharge to bring the same energy the next day.

We have an internal, specially curated Leadership Development Program (LDP) for all our team leads. Any potential candidate who has the prospect of becoming either a lead or sub-lead is put into this program to hone their leadership skills.

Our mentors (Sameer Bhambere, Amit Bhambere, and Priyanka Baya) have personally mentored the team leaders, so we carry forward that practice throughout the organization. Each team leader has the attitude of elevating everyone from their team to grow and thrive, providing support and mentorship, whenever and wherever necessary.

Sunday @ LY

#Self Sunday

There is no Sunday at LY, because we do what we love on Sundays.

This is your reminder to enjoy the weekend, the way you want.

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