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Yes, UX workshops are absolutely necessary. UX workshops are conducted to bridge the gap between the agency and the stakeholders. Through intense and focused discussions on the product’s vision, it creates a bridge on which a great user experience could be built. Without it, it’s just 2 points of view talking to the same user base.

UX workshops help you, and us, to communicate the exact message you want to convey to your users.

Yes, we have had the opportunity to work on digital products/services that cater to audiences across the globe. We have worked for products that cater specifically to the USA, UAE, MENA, APAC, and Europe regions. We have worked with varied cultural mindsets and designed products that have a universal appeal while following the best design practices.

In a few simple steps. Just go to Contact and fill out your information and requirements. Someone from our business team will contact you to schedule a meeting after reviewing your details.

Yes, we have both Design & Development as 2 quite different, detailed, and distinct Solutions in our portfolio. If you need us to design as well as develop your product, we have skilled and experienced designers and developers who work collaboratively. Based on your requirement, we create a scope that suits your needs and both our teams' efforts.
We pride ourselves on being a design agency focusing on user-centric, 360° design solutions. We design apps, websites, and enterprise software - from scratch. From user research, design thinking, and UX workshops, to visual and experience design - we create an end-to-end experience for brands, centered around users. When we say we design experience, it includes UX writing, visual design, and micro-interactions. 360° truly means an all-round experience with us.

Yes, we do take up startups as clients. From idea to prototype or MVP to market, we have helped startups with solutions in visual communication, UI/UX design to development. We actually have separate packages curated specifically for startups that you can check out.

We are industry-agnostic which gives us the opportunity to explore various products that are making an impact in different industries. Be it FinTech, Entertainment, Healthcare, SAAS, E-commerce, or IT Solutions - we have worked across industries to transform brands with design thinking. We believe it’s our design expertise that allows us to freely adapt to any industry.

We are glad you want to dive deeper into our portfolio. You can check out the work that we have on display here . In case you need more details, do leave your details in the Contact with your requirement. Someone from the business team will get in touch with you and take you through the next steps.

Yes, you can. You can choose the way of engagement for working with us, based on which you will get a team of resources suitable for your requirement. This team will be dedicatedly working on your project in the given scope and timeline.

We have two engagement modes - one is retainership and the other is project-basis. In retainership, we provide you with dedicated resources who work as a part of your team. In a project-basis model, you get a seasoned team on a shared basis for the project timeline. Based on the scope of work, you can choose an engagement model that suits your needs.

Qualitative research methods are always our preferred approach. We conduct user interviews, moderated usability tests, and do card sorting to name a few, according to the project’s requirements. We also do quantitative research from time to time like surveys, polls, and A/B testing.

Each workshop is created, keeping in mind the specific needs of any given project at any given duration. We do suggest a workshop that perfectly matches your needs and customize it further to tailor your project’s scope.

But if you have a specific need that you think has to be addressed in a combination of 2 different types of workshops, we can definitely discuss it. You can reach out to us for clarity.

There are two ways in which we get the data to conduct user interviews. One is where the client provides us with their database of users. We contact these users to schedule an interview for UX research.

The second is where the client lets our expertise and network do the job. This is where, according to the project scope, we reach out to potential users to conduct the research.

The data collection for user research depends on the project’s scope & requirements.

Yes, you can. Even though we have curated these offerings with experience, sometimes your requirements might differ from the ones we are offering in a particular package. You can get in touch with us to discuss the requirements of your product, and we can come to a customized solution that suits your needs in the best way possible.

We have different models of engagement you can choose from, according to your project's requirements. We have offerings that cater to retainers as well as project-basis needs. Visit Solutions to review the models in detail.

Of course. You can just fill out a form here so we have some clarity to share relevant information with you, for your convenience. An informed decision is always better than an assumption.

We conduct detailed competitive research that is based on usability parameters. With a keen eye for detail, our UX researchers make notes of granular details that affect the usability of a product and draw out actionable insights in the form of an analysis report.
Of course, you can. If you need user research data that is both qualitative & quantitative, we can create a strategy that involves and captures both. We can always decide on the methodologies based on your project’s scope and curate an offering that best suits your needs.
There is no generic timeline for any project. Project completion timeline can vary from client to client, based on the scope of work. It entirely depends on the requirement and deliverables.
We don’t particularly like to boast of our talents but this question always excites us. Not only do we have a team of young, enthusiastic, and talented individuals, our Head of Design adds his personal touch to each project by sharing valuable insights based on his industry experience. Our team always goes the extra mile to add value to your product/service’s experience.
Yes, we do usability testing. We believe users are important and usability testing should not just be done at the very end of the product journey. We make sure to keep a check on usability at various touchpoints of the design process to ensure quality and relevance.

Generally, no. Clients or stakeholders are consulted before a UX audit is conducted at the first stage - understand. This is where we get as much information from you as possible to move ahead. Users are kept the primary focus during any UX audit.

Clients/stakeholders are involved before and after the UX audit is done; rarely during the audit.

Yes, we do. We have redesigned websites, apps, and enterprise software across industries like FinTech, OTT, E-commerce, and Data Analytics to name a few. You can see it in the Work section.

It depends on the location, scope of work, and project tenure. We can discuss your requirements over a call to understand the need better and offer a suitable solution. Please fill out the Contact form mentioning a bit about yourself and your requirements. Someone from our business team will get in touch with you with the next steps.

No, we do not source users. We request our clients to gather users and share their details with us. Our team then gets in touch with the users for scheduling the interview.
Each project cost can be defined according to the project scope and timeline. Based on the effort and resources required, we analyze a brief in detail and create a project scope that suits your needs.
We are a bunch of quirky & creative lemons, predominantly composed of UI UX designers & graphic designers. We also have motion graphic designers, UI developers, front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers, social media executives, content writers, and project managers. It’s a basket of many talents.

Yes, absolutely. The beauty of this process is that it can be customized to suit your project requirements and timeline. For an in-depth discussion, fill out the Contact form mentioning a bit about yourself and your requirements. Someone from the business team will get in touch with you to process ahead.

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