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Niyati Sagar

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The eye (and heart) for design!

Design is what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.'' - Steve Jobs.

This is one quote that I've always related to. This is one quote that I've always related to. Being a student of Communication Design, I've always looked upon subjects like Advertising, Branding, etc. it always came to my mind how somebody would understand what I'm trying to convey and how would it be used or rather how easy and simple should it be to be applied somewhere. Then I came onboard with UI/UX through my institute. I was taught how to research in terms of the user for creating any app/website or software. Slowly when assignments were given, research was an interesting part but UI happened to be my favorite. Along with UI, I experienced designing UX as well, in terms of the positioning of any button/text. I knew this was my path to choose in terms of career because I knew that users would be able to understand my design and vice versa, I'd understand their psychology of what they'd like more and how often they would use it and mainly they'd be more interactive.

Now to take a step ahead, I entered the world of Lemon Yellow, consisting of very talented people who are very humble and helpful. Lemon Yellow, itself was an experience altogether. Going back to the time when I was to commence from the 9th of May. Having the hope to learn and being enthusiastic to learn, I was surprised to see a warm welcome for me, from my teammates in office. They had decorated my desk with a big welcome card and their accessories and a cupcake from Theos. This itself gave me the vibe of a good atmosphere and I knew I was at the right place for everything that I'd be learning in terms of UI/UX. Being the first intern, again, I got to experience 2 welcomes, as Lemon Yellow being a growing global company there were a couple of new joinees and new interns who reminded me of my first day at lemon yellow. Being an existing intern I was still welcomed like a new intern.

Getting to my task as an intern, I was lucky to have received “Experian” as my first project in Lemon Yellow. I was well used to this application called Sketch, but never knew it was so well and advanced in terms of designing apps. Exploring new layouts, I found a way of designing UX with UI and also gained exposure in what the clients are looking for. I also understood and gained experience in terms of designing things that coders can code and what they can't code. Coming to the coders part, I also learnt about this new application called Zeplin, it's a handshake tool between us designers and coders. The project lasted for more than a month as I designed the app and website pages with the help of my teammates and it ended up to be a great success after it was LIVE. My heart goes out to Lemon Yellow, for giving me this project. All the efforts put in had paid off.

As my internship still goes on, I'm trying to get all the knowledge out of everything. I'm learning from the process of different projects that I'm doing at Lemon Yellow. This organization has helped me improve the interactions with my designs and now I can communicate with my designs better. On the ending note, if you're wanting to learn UI/UX just like me, then you must try out Lemon Yellow, as I guarantee you'd be given the best platforms to learn.

Signing off.

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