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Creating a culture of harmony with
Thought On The Wall

Thought On The Wall is gratitude journaling, everyday.
Finding the silver lining with Thought on the Wall

Have you heard about Gratitude Journal?


Google defines it as a practice where you reflect upon your day and write down (at least 3) things that you were grateful for. This regular gratitude journaling has become a popular practice in positive psychology.


Even before the whole concept of Gratitude Journal came, at Lemon Yellow, we have been practicing something called ‘Thought On The Wall’ aka TOTW. Every morning, before every Lemon starts their day, they put up a TOTW on our official group.


What is this TOTW? You guessed it right. It’s that one thought that talks about that one good thing or several good things that happened to you the previous day. Just like what you do in a Gratitude Journal.


Every morning when a Lemon takes the time to think about that one good thing, they start the day on a positive note. When you start your day by thinking about good things, you look at things from the same perspective. It also becomes a habit to note down these good things. Whenever something good happens, the first thought in your mind is, “Oh, this could be my TOTW tomorrow!”


You see? Positivity or good vibes or even gratitude is not something that you can practice for a day and be done. It’s an ongoing process that makes us all better human beings.


Try it.

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There is no Sunday at LY, because we do what we love on Sundays.

This is your reminder to enjoy the weekend, the way you want.

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