Sameer Bhambere, Founder of Lemon Yellow LLP
Lemon Yellow's Founder

Sameer Bhambere

Once upon a time, in a land not far far away, a small boy named Sameer Bhambere dreamed of doing something on his own.

Ever since he was a child, he would do things that showed his caliber of being an entrepreneur - you can say that he was a born entrepreneur. His artistic streak and curious nature gave him a huge creative berth to try new and different things.

I call myself a blessed man. Whatever I have dreamed of in life, sooner or later, I have got it. Not because of luck, but because of the people in my life, who have helped me to realize my dream.

Nobody is self-made. You need people to change your life. My life was changed by Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai, and everything I am today, everything that I have today, I owe it all to him.

"You are the architect of your life." Nobody else is going to come and change your life for you - they can only help you. You have to take the decision to change your life - for the betterment of yourself and everyone around you.

He held onto his dream as he grew up. No matter who teased him or called his ideas a foolish dream - he held onto his vision with both his hands.

After graduating from the Sir J. J. School of Art, he tried his hands at various ventures. If there was one thing he had learned at J. J. it was that design had the power to change the world. So everything he did, he did it with design at its heart.

It wasn’t an easy journey. As is the way of life, he had to face many challenges and overcome quite a few obstacles. But through it all, he had his vision to hold him strong. He had people who stood by him, gave him strength. He spent close to 15 years, transforming and shaping himself into the entrepreneur he wanted to be.

The first computer of Lemon Yellow that started the journey to LLP

The first machine, 1999

Eventually, our hero found his calling. In 1994, he embarked on a journey to change the world with design, with a single system, from the corner of his home. It was his perseverance, dedication, and passion that gave a boost to this venture. All those years of honing his entrepreneurial skills were finally starting to pay off. This right here was the beginning of Lemon Yellow.

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Our story as Lemon Yellow LLP might just be 5 years old, but behind it is the long journey of 23 years where our hero went through a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows.

He is our hero because Lemon Yellow is his story.

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