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My journey @ Lemon yellow

Shikha Sharma Mar 1, 2023

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With a nervous heart, curious brain and shivering legs, she entered. Everyone out there with phone recording and capturing her each and every reaction, welcomed her. She was being told to sit near the reception and was asked to wait for others to come. Very quietly, she was observing every little thing and behaviour of people there. Looking at their innocent smiles, she felt better but still was nervous, after all it was her first day as an intern in the firm Lemon Yellow. They asked her to locate her desk. She walked in search of her desk and found something that none of the interns would have expected from their firm on their first day–A happiness box, which had lots of customised goodies, she couldn't control her smile. Indeed, she was happy and emotional too. No firm gives so much of attention and importance to their interns like Lemon Yellow did. Team LY knew that it was her first time living alone in a different state, away from her family, so they tried their best to give her a home like feeling. Lemon Yellow, a firm which gives more importance to culture, traditions and values. Because skills can be learned in a day or two but the values or the cultures are not something you learn but something that is inbuilt in you. This is all because Lemon Yellow understands the importance of user experience. They don't just apply user experience's principles while designing a product or service but also involve their team members. Lemon Yellow's founders know how important it is to understand employees whom they call team mates. Experience is a human condition, a mixture of cognitive process and memory, and user experience can be combined into many different disciplines to make something truly special. It is all about understanding emotions that influence people's behaviour and decision-making and then acting on that information to design compelling user interactions. Lemon Yellow believes that, Before understanding your clients, it's important to understand your team mates. Team mate's behaviour with each other and company directly affects company's performance- profit. Before working on your projects, work on your team, make sure you fulfil their visions while fulfilling your company's vision. After all, a company is for the users but by the employees. Just like how designers are responsible in shaping how users behave and interact with a given product, Companies too are responsible in shaping how our country's youth involve more in Indian firms for the betterment of our country's growth. Team LY did its part, now it's time for other companies to understand how important user experience is and how can we use it in our lives to make things work in a better way. This girl is none other than me, Shikha Sharma– a Lemon Yellow intern who never imagined that she would be part of this kind of a firm. A firm that made her realise that she doesn't have to be nervous instead stay calm, positive and always be proactive.

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