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Fool-Proof Ways to Create Great Content

Nikita Sarmah

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Putting great content up in the internet is a wonderful way to get people talking about your brand, product or services. In fact, content marketing has been one of the most reliable forms of marketing ever. However, one needs to put good, attention-grabbing and meaningful content to get the message across. In a never-ending sea of content it is a must to stand out. So, how does one come up with great content every time? Here is a simple yet foolproof method that I follow.

1.Circle out your goal :

The first things I think about are - who my content is targeted to, what is my goal and how will I gauge it? Without a set target audience, one cannot decide on the tone of the piece. Once I know who my audience is I need think of what are the ways to measure the success of the content. It could be an increase in followership, engagement rates, conversions, etc. A definite goal is important before starting work on any kind of content creation.

2.Be the research nerd :

No matter how often you might have heard it, it is definitely the most crucial part of creating content. The more information you can gather, the richer you piece will be. No matter how small or big the topic, extensive research always triggers good ideas and flow.

3.Know your audience :

It is fair to state that you can have more than one type of audience. Once you have identified different target groups, you need to reach where your audience exists. One kind of audience maybe super active on social media, another might be interested in community sites like Quora, and another might be totally off the internet and likes to be at real places and gatherings more. So, once you know where your audience is at you need to write content that they will get and position it at a place where they will see it.

4.A blogs a must :

You absolutely must set up your own blog portal before starting to share random articles on social media. The platform where you layout all your content matters a lot when we talk about content marketing. There must be a source pool that your readers are directed to so that you can lay out a spread of your content.

5.Mind your language :

Once you get a hold of the tone you want to speak in you are set on the right track. Know your audience and the language they will get. Write your article in a simple yet gripping way and make sure it does not bounce off the top of your reader's head. I just think of keeping it simple and making it informative at the same time. Once you strike the balance, you are good to go!

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